Thermal insulin protection. It keeps your insulin at an optimal temperature of 365 days a year and ensures maintenance of insulin beyond the home without maintenance.

Cools insulin to the recommended temperature. Place the insulin pen case and protect insulin from temperature fluctuations. It does not require a refrigerator or charger or a flashlight. The temperature indicator will tell you whether the insulin has the correct temperature.
Replaces the insulin pen cap. It's small and light, well fit into your pocket. Suitable for everyday use.

VIVI CAP1 ™ is manufactured by TempraMed Inc,, certified by FDA. VIVI CAP1 keeps insulin at a recommended safe temperature below 29 ° C for at least 12 hours even if the ambient temperature is above 37.8 ° C. VIVI CAP1 is reactivated to provide reliable insulin temperature protection whenever the ambient temperature falls below 27 ° C for the next 12 hours for a period of at least one year. Reactions and temperature insulating properties are sufficient for 5 hours at room temperature, but accelerated when placed in a refrigerator.